1. How to sell camera online on CameraBecho?

Login to www.camerabecho.com
Select the device you want to sell and select the correct details of your device.
A Quote will be generated based on your selections.
Schedule a pickup time and we will collect your device from your residential  address and pay you instantly.

2. Are there any documents required to sell my device?

Yes, we will need your KYC documents(ID Proof and address proof) for the security purpose.

3. Is the quotation recieved on the website final quotation?

Yes, if all the details filled by you matches with the actual device, then you will recieve the exact amount quoted in the website.

4. Can you collect my device in public place ?

No, we only collect your device from your residential address.

5. Is there any pickup charges?

No, there is no pickup charges. It is completely free.

6. What happens to my sold device ?

We rectify all the issues in your device and provide it to used camera dealer who in return sells them to second hand buyers.

7. What if I cant find my device in your list?

where there is will, there is way. Just select others option and submit the form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

8. Why you need the original invoice of my device ?

Original invoice is the best proof of your ownership of the device and helps you in fetching better rates.

9. If my model is not available on CameraBecho, how to sell camera online??

Can’t find your Camera Model on CameraBecho? Please drop us a mail at info@camerabecho.com with details about the Camera Brand, Model, Lenses & Condition, and we will get back to you ASAP with the quote.

10. Where can I reach you for prompt resolution of queries and/or complaints?

You can  reach us at info@camerabecho.com